Exeter well represented at Enclosing Worlds conference

The conference brought together scholars from across the globe to discuss various aspects of enclosures from the archaeological world.

Jose Iriarte, Jonas Gregorio de Souza, and Mark Robinson enjoyed a great conference over the past week in Reguengos de Monsaraz, in southern Portugal (enclosingworlds.blogspot.co.uk).

Jose presented a broad discussion of the environmental and landscape context of the mound and enclosure architecture in the southern Brazilian Highlands in a paper titled “Sacred landscapes of the southern Brazilian highlands: Understanding southern proto-Jê mound and enclosure complexes”.

Mark explored how a nested dual social structure is manifest in the funerary landscapes, drawing from ethnohistoric accounts of the the Je moiety system in a paper titled, “Enclosed Dualism: Moieties and Mortuary Ritual in the Southern Brazilian Highlands”.

“The genesis of monuments: Resisting outsiders in the contested landscapes of southern Brazil”, by Jonas, presented data from the recent publication of the same name in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology (De Souza et al. 2016).


We thank Antonio Valera and his teamfor organising a great conference


Jonas presenting

Jonas presenting

Jose presenting

Jose presenting


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