22nd May 2018

Critically-endangered South American forests were man-made

A new manuscript published in Scientific Reports uses a multidisciplinary methodology to explore the relationship between past peoples and the distribution of Araucaria forests in the southern Brazilian highlands. In the highlands of southern Brazil an anthropogenically driven expansion of forest occurred at the expense of grasslands between 1410 and 900 cal BP, coincident with […]

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3rd July 2017

Publication – Moieties and Mounds

New article in Latin American Antiquity now available online (link below) discussing dualism at a mortuary site in Campo Belo, southern Brazilian Highlands. Excavation into the mound discovered a distinct spatial patterning to the cremation deposits that aligns with ancient and historic cosmological concepts and landscape management.   https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/latin-american-antiquity/article/moieties-and-mortuary-mounds-dualism-at-a-mound-and-enclosure-complex-in-the-southern-brazilian-highlands/3493444F451F310408A4E3C4CF2805FD

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10th April 2017

SAA 2017 – Vancouver

  Je Landscapes was represented at the 2017 Society for American Archaeology conference in Vancouver. Mark Robinson discussed the role of plants in southern proto-Je ritual, combining anthracology, with archaeology, ecology, and ethnography to identify and explore issues of plant selection and management. In a session on Mortuary Practices and Funerary Archaeology, Priscilla Ulguim, reported on […]

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15th February 2017

Sedentary farmers

Our project is the focus of an article published in this month’s Pesquisa FAPESP, the official magazine of the São Paulo Research Foundation. The article explores the changing image of the Southern Proto-Jê groups thanks to new data gathered by our team. Our archaeobotanical analyses, excavations at a variety of sites and intensive radiocarbon dating are helping […]

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19th November 2016

Jê Landscapes in Lages

Master’s student Luísa d’Avila presented research from the project in Lages, Santa Catarina, Brazil, at the conference, “250 Anos da cidade do Lages: Encontro do Historia e Geographia” (250 years of the city of Lages: Meeting of history and geography). Her talk, “Pesquisas Arquelógicas na Serra Catarinense: o projeto paisagens Jê do Sul do Brasil” […]

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14th November 2016

Jê Landscapes at International Palynology and Palaeobotany Congress XIV IPC X IOPC

The Jê project made two presentations at the International Congress of Palynology. These were: ‘Pre-Columbian human land use versus climate change: understanding Araucaria forest expansion during the Late Holocene in southern Brazil’ AUTHORS: Macarena L. Cárdenas, Francis E. Mayle, Jose Iriarte, Jonas Gregorio de Souza,Priscilla Ulguim, Mark Robinson, Rafael Corteletti, Paulo DeBlasis and ‘Characterisation of […]

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13th October 2016

Past Food: Jê flavors

“Past food” is a public outreach program integrating archaeology, gastronomy, ethnography and ethnology led by Museu Arqueológico de Sambaqui de Joinville. This edition will taste the “Jê flavors”.

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13th September 2016

Jê Landscapes in the news

Research by the Jê Landscapes team has figured prominently in the news. One of the most important newspapers from Brazil, Folha de São Paulo, has published an excellent summary for the general audience about our ideas on the relationship between the southern Jê and Tupi-Guarani societies, the creation of boundaries and the emergence of monuments. Entitled Game of […]

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19th February 2016

Origins of a culture in Santa Catarina

As it is being discovered, Je Landscapes project has published in DC newspaper of Santa Catarina, Brazil, the story of the early starts and development of the Je culture. Click here to access. Check out the great info-graphics and video in this report. (available in Portuguese).    

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20th November 2015

Studying Jê sediments 2: A&E

This is the second round about the latest analysis we have been doing to the sediments for the palaeoecological research within our project: This time the analysis sent us directly to hospital!!. Click here to find more about how we are using a gun to reveal the past.

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